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Today Only! Get 10 More High Quality, Healing Meditation and Focus Binaural Audios Including:

  • Self Hypnosis: This powerful 30 minute audio is designed to slow your brainwaves down to get into a state of self-hypnosis so you can reprogram your subconscious mind. Once you feel yourself relaxing, mentally repeat the affirmation of your choice to reinforce the area of your life you want to improve. As you do this, visualize yourself already living as though your affirmation has come true and feel the feeling of embodying this new truth! Do this daily for 21 days and see how your life changes!

  • Creativity Overdrive: Just like it sounds... Listen to this recording any time you need a boost in creativity! This 30 minute audio works like a charm anytime you are feeling uninspired and need to get the creative juices flowing. Make sure you have a pen and paper close by when you listen to this one!

  • And 5 more audios to aid you on your spiritual and healing path including Peaceful Balance, Raise Your Vibration!, Speed healing, Deep Reflections, and Alpha Playground. These audios are infused with positive reiki energy and blessed by the angles to aid you on your ascension path. 

And As A Bonus You Will Also Get Instant Access To The Focus Series:

Bonus #1: In The Zone

Use this 25 minute audio to get in the zone! The powerful beta frequency will help you concentrate on any project you need to finish. Listen on repeat as long as you need... Get into GSD mode and stay there!

Bonus #2: Mental Felxibility

This 30 minute audio is designed to create a specific frequency following response that will train your brain to be more flexible by increasing neuroplasticity and whole brain coherence. You can listen while doing any task around the house or, sit and relax as your brain adapts and becomes more supple with each listen.

Bonus #3: Mind Sharpener

This 45 minute audio is centered on high beta brainwaves to get your mind focused and sharp so you can take on any task. This one is best used while working on an important project or task where you have to put in your best work!

That's 10 high quality binaural brainwave audios!

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($120 total value)

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